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3 Heating Repairs You Could See This Winter


Winter is the perfect time to stay indoors and remain warm and cozy in your home. But, problems with your heating system may make it hard for you to stay comfortable. The cold nights could get more dangerous if you have to live without heat. If you know the 3 most common heating repairs that you might encounter this winter, then you will be prepared for whatever winter can throw at you.

heating cooling chapel hill
heating cooling chapel hill

Your Heating System Will Not Start

If your heating system will not turn on, the problem could be your thermostat. You may have to have your thermostat calibrated. The device may be working properly initially, but over time the calibration could be affected. A thermostat that is out of calibration may not allow the heat to come on when you need it to. A professional HVAC technician will be able to determine if an adjustment should be made.

The good news is that this is an easy fix since it does not involve any major repairs to the heating system itself. The technician will run a few simple tests to make sure the thermostat is actually the culprit. If he or she determines it is malfunctioning, the calibration will only take a few minutes to fix.

Clogs To The Heating System

Dirty air filters and ducts could make it impossible for the heated air to make it from room to room in your home. The air that is being warmed inside your heating system cannot properly circulate throughout your home. This will cause your home to be cooler than you would like it. Clogged air filters and ducts can cause a great deal of damage to your heating system. This problem may start out as minor but can quickly escalate into major heating system damage.

If you experience this type of problem, start checking your air filters and replace the ones that are damaged or dirty. You might need a professional to clean the air ducts for you. Replacing the air filters is simple for you to try before making an appointment for a technician to visit your home.

Ignition Control Does Not Work

If you have a furnace and the pilot light will not ignite, you could experience periods of no heat. It may even be possible for your home to be totally without heat when this problem will occur. So, you should call in a technician to fix this problem as soon as possible. You can check the ignition device to see if the safety button is engaged or not, but the repair is still recommended to be done by a professional.

The best way to help keep energy costs down is to prevent the above problems from happening. The maintenance plan that we can provide can help quite a bit. Our plans will ensure that your entire HVAC system is inspected and cleaned at least once a year.

Contact the professionals at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill for more information on heating repairs and maintenance plans.

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