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Your AC System-Repair Or Replace?


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The question is should you repair the unit or totally replace it? It is especially important when it comes to your air-conditioning system, that the decision needs to be made after evaluating what is the most cost effective and prudent way to go, repair or replacement. The dilemma is which way to go: to replace a system the air conditioning system totally or spend money on repairs depending on how extensive they are. The newer systems are more energy efficient now. Air-conditioning industry tells us that a unit that is serviced and has preventative maintenance done it by a qualified technician should last approximately 12 to 15 years.

TIP! Cleaning the air vents on a regular bases is one of the easiest ways to help improve the working condition of your heating and air-conditioning system. You can tell if the air vents are dirty when they look black.

To prolong the life of the system, in the beginning when the system is new, it is more cost effective and cost efficient to make simple repairs to the system. As the problems become bigger replacing the older system may be the best option. Whether you are paying for repairs or replacement of a system the cost and energy effectiveness may help you to make up your mind.

AC System Energy Costs

The comparison of energy costs can sometimes help you to decide what the best course of action for you is. Systems that were manufactured at least 10 years ago are approximately 60% less efficient than the ones that are manufactured today. Energy savings offered on a new system weighed against the cost of repair of the old system may help you to decide what the best decision is.

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It is important to consider how extensive the repairs are. The replacement of components of a system usually results in a mismatched system. Components that do not match your specific system can decrease the systems efficiency, compromise your comfort and shorten the lifespan of the compressor.

Two-Stage Cooling

If a repair to an old system does not address comfort issues such as cold spots in the home, drafts, humidity issues or air quality, then it may be time to just replace the system. The systems available today offer a variety of new features, including two-stage cooling, humidifiers and ultraviolet lights, which are designed to comfort is increased and indoor air quality is much improved.

TIP! With any home improvement project, an important step is to consult with a professional. It is often fun to design your own project and is something you can definitely do, but using a professional gives you resources and information you might not have available to you otherwise.

As you make the decision to repair or replace, It is imperative to rely on the exper-tise of a qualified contractor, who is licensed to maintain and service your system when making a decision to replace or repair. If replacing your system seems the right thing to do, he or she can explain the finer points of the system efficiency and noise sound ratings, load calculations, comfort features and warranties related to different components of the new system.

The installation of a new system has a number of benefits: such as new energy-efficient air conditioner or heat pump system such as the Acclimate Series from Luxaire® Heating and Air Conditioning. Luxaire products are marketed by the Unitary Products Group of York, a Johnson Controls Company.

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