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Central Air Conditioning Systems Buying Tips


Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central Air conditioning systems are a part of the new home essentials today, even in Michigan where it is cooler most of the time. Homes that are new construction usually have central air conditioning units. Today it is very unusual to see a home without an AC system. The need for air purchase price of the system itself is between three and up most including installation this is an investment that is necessary for your comfort, but it is not a minor investment. Before purchasing a new air conditioning system, you should consider several things. This article will help you make sure what they are.

TIP! Comfort is relative to each person. Some need a comfortable bed, others calm cool colors of the d├ęcor, and others it is the environment related to temperature. Central air conditioning is one easy solution.

Air conditioner system

Contractors experienced in installing an air conditioning unit should be hired to do your work for you. When purchasing a new air conditioning unit, the cost may vary, depending on the size of the unit and what is required for installation. If there is existing duct work and if it needs replacing as well as the size of the unit plays a part in the total cost of the system. Do your research, get estimates from several contractors on the units that are needed, duct work and installation. Ensure the contractor has experience and works well with you. Get references and check them thoroughly.

Air conditioning system is run by electricity. When the system is run frequently, it will increase the energy costs. The warmer the climate the more often the unit is needed to cool the home. It is more eco-friendly and economically prudent to purchase a unit that meets all your needs. To fight the cost of running the unit, it may be necessary to purchase a larger more efficient unit. This makes the initial investment larger, but will save in energy cost the longer it runs.

Air Conditioner Efficiency Rating

There is an efficiency rating that is placed on all air conditioning units. Compare the air conditioning systems carefully to make sure the cost of each unit is cost effect and efficient to run. When the unit runs more efficiently, the cost of running the unit will be more efficient or cost less money to run, therefore, you will become thriftier with your energy costs thus saving money on the energy bill. So it comes down to this, the more efficient the air conditioner, the less energy it takes to run it, the cooler the entire house will be.

TIP! When planning a major home improvement, it is imperative that you know your limits, have a budget in mind, and a schedule worked out to handle it. No expensive feature projects without a budget.

You should have help from the contractor to determine the size system needed for your home. It is a very important step you must take. If the unit it too smaller than recommended for the size of the house, it will have to work too hard to cool it. Then again if the system is too big it will be no efficient and not necessary. If you have a qualified air conditioner contractor, they will be able to analyze the size of the house and recommend the appropriate size unit needed.

Before work begins, a contract is a necessity. Always get a contract that puts all information in writing with the contractor who will be doing the work and have both signatures on the contract. The contract should clearly spell out the cost of the central air conditioning systems and installation. The contract will have any payment policies as well as all warranties on the air conditioning compressor and additional air conditioning parts. It is not wise to choose a unit that has a warranty of less than five years on the compressor. A ten year warranty is the best to have. Additional parts warranty may we from one to five years and it should be spelled out separately in the contract.

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