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Your Air Conditioner May Need Replacing

Have you having to deal with the discomfort of living with an air conditioning system that does not work? There are numerous reasons that can cause your air conditioning system to not work properly. Below are a few reasons that indicate that your air conditioning system may need to be replaced instead of being repaired.

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Age Of Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner should be replaced if it is more than 10 years old. Your cooling system may be working as it was intended, but the new air conditioners that are made today are quite a bit more efficient that models that were made as little as 10 years ago. You could significantly reduce your power bills by spending money now in a new system that is also Energy Star Certified.

Frequent Repair Of Your Air Conditioner

At some point, all air conditioners will quit. Do you know if your air conditioner has lived past its usefulness? Air conditioning units that need multiple repairs should be replaced. You should purchase a new air conditioner if you are spending more and more money on repairs, especially if the repairs equal the cost of a new air conditioning system.

Hot Or Cold Spots From Your Air Conditioner

Do you have to keep adjusting to living in your home that has hot and cold areas? If you answered yes, then it is time to invest in a new air conditioner. For the sake of you and your family’s comfort, you need to replace your air conditioning unit.

Humidity Coming From Your Air Conditioner

One main purpose of an air conditioning system is to help reduce the humidity in your home for your improved comfort. If you notice that your home has become more humid, there could be enough damage throughout your air conditioning system that justifies a full replacement.

Noise Coming From Your Air Conditioner

Noise coming from your air conditioner usually points to issues in the air ducts that could compromise your air conditioning system. Ducts that are not big enough for your system can cause vibrations that will lead to high level noises. Problems with the coils in your air conditioning system may also be the source of the noise.

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