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Is Your Air Conditioning Filter Important?


> Filterfilter and Allergies

When do you change the filter in your air conditioner? Changing the filter should not be hard, if you can understand what you need to look for in a filter. The two most important factors are how efficient the filter is and if it collects a fair amount of dust in the filter.

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Filter and Allergies

The filter that you choose for your air conditioning system is important as it keeps dust off the evaporator coils and from of the air conditioner unit. The air conditioning filter is inside the unit that is named the air handle is one part of the four parts of the air cooling system.

People who have allergies to dust especially can be affected by the effectiveness of the filter. When dust goes passes through the filter it will then end back in the living room area and again becomes irritating to people who suffer from allergies and people who are sensitive to the allergies caused by dust. Another important duty of the air conditioning filter also helps to keep the evaporator coils from getting dirty and jammed up with dust that reduces the efficiency of the air cooling system.

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The comparison of the car radiator to the air cooling evaporator coil is used because people will recognize what a radiator is and know somewhat how it works. The big issue is that if the airflow is restricted by way of a clogged evaporator coil, the unit has to work harder and is less efficient and energy cost will increase due to the unit running more. The only difference is that the evaporator coil cools by letting air passes through it.

Dust and Evaporator Coils

Dust accumulation often takes months to form on the evaporator coil. In some instances the dust will form in layers on the fins of the evaporator coil. When you have your air cooling system serviced annually before the season use, the handyman checking out the air cooling unit will let you know when the evaporator coil should be cleaned the worse part of this is that if you do not clean it and the dust continues to accumulate, it most often leads to a more expensive repair. .

The advantages of using a filter in your air conditioning system are the filtering of the air that is expelled from the unit. Again the cleaner the unit, by use of the filter, the more efficient the unit will run and the energy bill will be lower.

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