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The Causes of Air Duct Leaks


The air ducts in your home are important because they circulate hot and cool air throughout your entire home. Air ducts are some of the most important parts of a central heating or air conditioning forced air system.

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But, when they become cracked, damaged or dirty, you could lose up to 30% of your energy efficiency. That is why air duct sealing by a professional is so important.

Heating Cooling Chapel Hill can provide complete duct sealing services. You can rely on us to properly inspect, diagnose, and repair any duct leaks found in your system. Call us today to learn more about the full range of air duct services we provide.

Common Causes of Air Duct Leaks and Repair

Common wear and tear can damage air ducts over time. Your ductwork may come loose at their joints and begin to leak. Whether it is from being moved by other construction projects or by moving things around in your attic or basement, these typical of leaks will allow a lot of heated or cooled air to seep to the outdoors.

Physical damage to your air ducts is normal. Depending on the kind of ductwork in your home, they may also suffer unusual direct physical damage. The damage may not be major, but you should call a pro in to have it properly diagnosed.

TIP! Do not be surprised if the HVAC contractor you choose does a complete evaluation on your home. A good contractor will spend enough time looking at the system you currently have and you’re your needs are for your home.

Proper Installation of Air Ducts

Improper installation is another cause of leaky air ducts. The possibility for air duct leaks is greatly increased if your ductwork has not been installed properly. Remember to always choose a certified heating and air conditioning technician to install the air ducts.

Here at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill, our team of skilled installation experts has the experience to install the air ducts correctly the first time.

Numerous air leaks in your ductwork can cost you a lot of money over time, but they also will impact the comfort of your home, and ultimately cause other parts of your heating and cooling system to work harder or to break down.

If you are concerned about the efficiency and effectiveness of your home’s air ducts, you should consider getting a duct inspection.

For more information about ductwork repair and sealing, call Heating Cooling Chapel Hill today.

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