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Benefits of A Packaged HVAC Unit for Commercial Businesses


Managing to keep your business at a comfortable temperature all year round is important. So, you will want to think about the different kinds of commercial HVAC systems that are offered to business owners, one option is the packaged unit. A packaged HVAC unit incorporates all your commercial HVAC needs into a single large metal cabinet.

Heating Cooling Chapel Hill

There are many benefits of having your commercial HVAC systems in one single unit. But, for any commercial heating and cooling installations in and around the Chapel Hill area, make sure you hire professionals that have commercial HVAC experience.

What Is A Packaged HVAC Unit?

A packaged HVAC unit is a big metal cabinet that holds all the components that are required for your commercial heating and cooling needs. The cabinet is then attached to your building’s ductwork so the air can be delivered to your business. Packaged units can have a few configurations:

Gas Furnace/Air Conditioner

Heat Pumps

Hybrid Cooling/Heating Units

What Are The Benefits Of A Packaged HVAC Unit?

One obvious benefit of a packaged unit is that it provides both heating and cooling, but it can also offer the following:

Easy access for technicians – you will have all the components housed in a single unit to make it easier for the technicians to access the unit for any repairs or maintenance.

Can heat and cool large areas with ease – a packaged HVAC unit is designed to heat and cool larger spaces, the tonnage for a packaged unit can range from a 3 ton unit to over 20 tons.

Saves space – you will not lose any indoor area to your packaged unit since it will be placed on the roof of your business.

Safer from damage – placing the packaged HVAC unit on the roof means your unit will be safer from any debris and potential vandalism.

Our North Carolina winters call for dependable heating and the professionals at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill are qualified to install a commercial HVAC unit to your business. Call today for more information.

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