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Natural Gas: Is It Right For Your Home?

Natural gas is in the news a lot lately. So, more homeowners are considering converting their homes to gas. If you are considering switching to this type of energy, here is what you should know to see if this is the right choice for your home. Natural Gas Energy Natural gas is a fossil fuelContinue Reading

Home Generator: Choosing The Right One

Residents in and around North Carolina know that it is very important to have a reliable home generator for the times when storms or other weather causes an unexpected power outage. If your power does go out, you do not have to be at the mercy of your power company to get your power upContinue Reading

The Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

When you think about air pollution, you might think about big city smog. But, the truth is that your indoor air can be contaminated too and this can cause you greater health risks. The air in most homes can be up to 5 times more contaminated than the air outside. Since a lot of usContinue Reading

3 Heating Repairs You Could See This Winter

Winter is the perfect time to stay indoors and remain warm and cozy in your home. But, problems with your heating system may make it hard for you to stay comfortable. The cold nights could get more dangerous if you have to live without heat. If you know the 3 most common heating repairs thatContinue Reading

It Is Time To Tune Up Your Heating System

It is hard to believe that Fall is already here. It seems like summer just started yesterday. Now, we have to pack away our summer clothes and prepare our closets for the colder weather that will soon arrive. Now is the time to have your heating system checked out. Your closet is not the onlyContinue Reading

Will Your Gas Furnace Work With No Electricity?

During the cold winter months you can experience strong storms can cause power outages. Some homeowners think their homes will stay cozy and warm even if the power is out. Unfortunately, your gas furnace does not work without electricity. But, there is something that you can do to prepare for any power outages and makeContinue Reading

Indoor Air Quality Explained

Do you have allergies or do you know someone who has allergies or other respiratory problems? Are you or someone in your family always getting a cold or virus? Washing your hands will only help so much. The real reason you are getting sick may not be from what you are touching, but what youContinue Reading

Time To Tune Up Your Furnace For Winter

The cold weather is still a few months away, but you should not wait until it comes to make winter preparations for your home. One of the first things you should do for your home is to schedule a tune up for your heating system. Take advantage of the mild weather now and have aContinue Reading

Is Your Ductwork Too Old to Deliver?

Any defective or leaking ductwork can be a big problem that is relatively common in most homes and since the ductwork is usually hidden from view, it could be deteriorating as we speak and go unnoticed for years. If your home is more than 10 years old, there is a good chance that the ductworkContinue Reading

The Difference Between Commercial HVAC and Residential HVAC Repair

When you need to have repair work done on your HVAC system that keeps your business comfortable all through the year, it is important to call a technician that is trained in commercial HVAC repair. It does not matter how talented a residential HVAC repair technician is, if they have not worked on a commercialContinue Reading