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Using Ceiling Fans During the Winters Months


Consider using ceiling fans in the winter if you want to reduce your heating bill. By using the ceiling fans you are helping circulate the heated air that is naturally rises to the ceiling.

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Ceiling Fans

If you are living in a home that has high or vaulted ceilings, you will benefit from using the ceiling fans set to their lowest speed, basically just gently mixing the air. But, as you know, any homeowner can increase heating during winter by using ceiling fans. In summer, ceiling fans will make you feel cooler, but in winter, they actually bring down the heated air near the ceiling to redistribute the already heated air and keep the temperature more uniform in the rooms.

TIP!Save money before you buy a new HVAC system, make sure to check the ENERGY STAR rating for the system first. New HVAC systems are very energy efficient. Buying the best HVAC system for your home will save you money.

Most ceiling fans have at least two settings, one for hot weather and one for cold weather. In winter, you should switch the direction of the ceiling fan so that fan blades are turning clockwise. The air at the ceiling is usually warmer than the air in the lower part of the room.

When you are using the ceiling fans, the blades are moving the hot air outward toward the edge of the room, and down the wall, and the process starts all over again, with the heat again rising to the top of the room. This is how running a ceiling fan in winter helps redistribute the warmth in your room.

Heatng and Ceiling Fans

When you use ceiling fans you can also cut down on some of the water that is condensated on the windows when it is excessively cold outside. The fans move the warm air around the room continuously helping to keep the glass in the windows warmer.

TIP! Clean your air filters regularly or replace the disposable ones every month. An electrostatic filter is the best option on the market today.

Before you install any ceiling fans, make sure you find the place that is right for them. They should always be hung from a reinforced plate in the ceiling or from a dedicated electrical box. You can hire an electrician, like the ones at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill, if you do not have any light fixtures currently in the ceiling. The electricians will have to run wires to the site to properly wire the ceiling fan in. Ceiling fans can also be heavy and should be securely hung to avoid any accidents.

If you would like more information about the many uses of ceiling fans and learning more about how to save money on your winter heating bill, contact Heating Cooling Chapel Hill.

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