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What To Check Before Scheduling An AC Repair

When you go to turn on your AC system and find out that it no longer provides you any cooling relief, it might be time to contact an HVAC technician for an AC repair. This summer we have seen temperatures in the upper 90s and many homeowners want to rely on their AC system to provide them with some relief from the heat. Before you make that call to the AC technician, check out some of the most common AC problems that might be fixed by you.

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Common AC Repair Causes

One of the most common AC repairs is for a frozen air conditioner. An air conditioner freezes when the outside vents become clogged with debris like dirt and leaves, but a dirty air filter can also cause your AC system to freeze up too. When your AC system does not have enough air flow, your system freezes up and leaves your home hot and very uncomfortable. So, if your air conditioner is still running but your home does not feel cool enough, check to see if ice is forming on your AC unit.

If you do notice ice, turn your air conditioner off and leave it off until all the ice melts. Then, remove any debris that is in or around the vents and make sure that the air filter is clean. If, after turning the AC unit back on, you still have no cool air, then it may be time to call in a professional AC technician. But, there is still something to check, like the thermostat.

AC Repair Calls

A lot of AC repair calls might have been avoided if the thermostat was checked properly before calling. If the thermostat is set to high, the AC system will not give you enough cool air to keep you comfortable.

At Heating Cooling Chapel Hill, we are able to offer you professional AC repair and service for homeowners. So, after you have checked out a few things regarding your AC system and you find out that you still are not getting any air conditioning, contact the professionals at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill today. On the next hot day, you will be glad you will.

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