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Considering An Air Cleaning System? Read This First


air cleaningParticles and air pollutants are not wanted in our homes. But, sometimes these harmful contaminants in the air manage to invade our homes. This polluted indoor air is now on the top five list of unhealthy environmental risks factors.

The best way to protect people from the risk is to control or try to remove the sources of the pollutants. You have to purify a home with clean air from outside. The method of eliminating pollutants is only limited by the weather conditions or the level of outdoor contaminants. Pollutants can affect the air quality in your home. Some common pollutants are dust, smoke, animal dander, dust mites, molds and bacteria. Paints, cleaning products, and some adhesives are also pollutants that can be harmful to the home’s inhabitants.

Air Cleaning Devices

If the outdoor air is measured as unclean then a specific air cleaning device will be necessary. Air cleaning devices are currently being used to remove contaminants from the air indoor. The air cleaning devices are made to be installed in the home’s ductwork of the central heating (HVAC) system, and to clean the air throughout the entire house.

Portable air cleaning devices should be the type of unit used to clean the air in only one room at a time. These units are not intended for cleaning the entire house. There are many kinds of air cleaning devices that are available to use. Each unit is designed to remove specific types of pollutants.

Types of Air Cleaning Devices

Two specific kinds of air cleaning units are mechanical air cleaners and electronic air cleaners. Mechanical air cleaners will remove the contaminants from the air by holding on to them in filter materials. Electronic air cleaners use a method called electrostatic attraction to snare charged particles. These filters pull air through ionized sections of the unit where the particles get an electrical charge. Then these charged particles are trapped on a group of flat plates called a collector.

When trying to consider which method of air cleaner is right for your situation, you may also need to consider some additional factors. Large air cleaning systems may need to be professionally installed. There is also the initial cost of the air cleaning unit plus the cost of maintaining the unit. Noise is not a huge problem on the larger units, but the portable units that have fans and motors will produce noise. These are just a few factors that should also be considered when choosing an air cleaning system.

As was stated in the beginning of the article, indoor air pollution is becoming increasingly common. This problem needs to be addressed and eliminating these pollutants from inside our homes needs to be performed. The information above is here to give you help in considering which method may be best for you and your family.

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