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The Difference Between Commercial HVAC and Residential HVAC Repair


When you need to have repair work done on your HVAC system that keeps your business comfortable all through the year, it is important to call a technician that is trained in commercial HVAC repair. It does not matter how talented a residential HVAC repair technician is, if they have not worked on a commercial HVAC system, the job may not be done right. If the job is not done right the first time your wallet and your comfort will suffer.

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Differences in Commercial HVAC Repair

There are some obvious differences between a residential and a commercial heating and cooling job. The size of the HVAC system is the biggest difference. The heating and cooling capacity of a commercial system must be able to service a larger space and more people. Does this affect repairs? Yes, and one way that a commercial system is different is that it is modular and usually contains multiple packaged units that will accommodate the larger work space.

A residential HVAC technician only checks on one unit where a commercial HVAC technician has to perform more than one check on many units. The overall size of the HVAC system can also be more complex on commercials systems because of the dampers and thermostats. Basically, commercial systems call for specific training in order to fix the problems.

The vast majority of commercial HVAC units are what is called package units. That means that they contain all of the components of a residential HVAC system. But, the packaged units are also configured differently.

When a commercial HVAC technician is going to start repairs, he or she must be able to have more in mind than just maintaining the comfort of the people inside the building. The commercial system must also stay within all local electrical codes. This is why you should hire a commercial specialist for these types of repairs.

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