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What Do Gas Furnace Efficiency Ratings Mean


So you have decided it is time to replace your current gas furnace with an energy-efficient model. It is important to completely understand the furnace and its efficiency ratings and what they might mean for your home. When it comes down to choosing the model that is best for you, knowing the units AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating is crucial.

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AFUE, or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, means the amount of heat your gas furnace is able to produce with the given fuel. For example, a furnace with a 90% AFUE rating is capable of changing 90% of your furnace’s fuel energy into heat that is necessary to heat your home.

TIP! Right now most people are thinking about their heating systems during these winter months, the air conditioner is also important. When you have a new furnace or heating system installed, make sure all of the air ducts are also set up to work with your air conditioning system.

A lot of electric furnaces have high AFUE ratings, the best furnaces range between 95% and 100%. This seems great for today’s use, but it is very important to examine the rising cost of electricity as compared to other heating fuels. One great option is high-efficiency gas furnaces. These gas furnaces have average ratings in the mid-90% range, with a few models rating as high as 98%.

TIP! Perform a regular visual maintenance check of your furnace. If you see anything that you are unsure of call your heating professional.

High-efficiency gas furnaces are often the perfect solution for homes in areas that experience very cold winters. To get the most out of your energy savings, today’s furnaces usually offer advanced features that will give your home a comfortable environment. So, look for a unit’s furnace efficiency ratings with these features:

Dual Heat Exchanger for a Gas Furnace

When a gas furnace burns fuel, the heat exchanger will transfer the heat that is produced into the air. In typical furnaces, the heat that is not absorbed by the heat exchanger is then discharged as waste exhaust. When the dual heat exchanger is used, a backup system uses this off exhaust, pulling more heat for your household.

Two-Stage Gas Valve for Gas Furnace

This valve adjusts the gas furnace’s heating output, allowing the furnace to generate the right amount of heat that will be needed on mild days to meet the house heating loads. On colder days, the valve will allow the furnace to operate at higher outputs.

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