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How to Tell If Your Furnace Needs a Tune Up


Furnaces need maintenance. If they get the needed maintenance, your furnace will save you some money over time by keeping the furnace running smooth and efficiently.

While it is highly recommended that you get a tune-up at least once a year, do you know the signs that your furnace needs a tune-up now? There are few signs and symptoms that will let you know that something is wrong.

No Heat

This problem is easy to understand and makes common sense. But, you unfortunately become aware of this when it is too late. You should always test your furnace before it starts getting cold outside to see if it is putting out any heat. Then check the circuit breakers on/off switches before making a service call.
If your furnace is on but it is not producing any heat, call a qualified HVAC company like Heating Cooling Chapel Hill to service it for you.

Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Any household that uses gas appliances like stove, dishwasher, or washing machine should always use a carbon monoxide monitor. Carbon monoxide is created as a result of an incomplete combustion. Carbon monoxide is known as the “silent killer” because it is indiscernible to the five senses and is a lethal poison.

If the carbon monoxide alarm does goes off, you need to:

Shut down all your gas appliances

Open up the windows near the appliances to bring in fresh air

Leave your house & call the fire department

TIP! Before you start remodeling your basement, keep in mind the heating, cooling and ventilation that you need for the area. If there is enough headroom, your heating, cooling and electrical equipment can be hidden behind a false ceiling.

Call a professional HVAC like those at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill to come in and test all your gas appliances–especially your furnace– to see if they are venting exhaust correctly.

Utility Bill Increases

It is normal for your power bill to go up during the winter because your furnace has to work more. If you see an unusually high spike in your bill and there has not been a change in the local utility rates, then it is possible that your furnace may be in disrepair and needs to be serviced.

You Hear Loud Banging Noises

Your furnace should be somewhat quiet when it is running, but if you are hearing loud banging noises when you turn it on, your blower motor just might need to be repaired or adjusted.

TIP! Make sure that all vents for your furnace or heat pump are clear of clutter. The heat needs a clear path to be able to heat the room efficiently.

Furnace Produces A Strong Fuel Smell

It is natural for oil or gas furnaces to give off a faint scent of burnt fuel. But if you are smelling the strong rotten egg smell of unborn gas in other rooms and the smell starts at your furnace, you have a serious gas leak. That gas leak needs to be looked at immediately.

If you smell gas, leave your house immediately and call the fire department.

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