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Will Your Gas Furnace Work With No Electricity?


During the cold winter months you can experience strong storms can cause power outages. Some homeowners think their homes will stay cozy and warm even if the power is out. Unfortunately, your gas furnace does not work without electricity. But, there is something that you can do to prepare for any power outages and make sure you are healthy, safe and comfortable during this winter.

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The Parts of A Gas Furnace That Uses Electricity

There are many parts of a furnace that need electricity to work. These parts consist of:

– Circuit boards are what will relay information from the thermostat and the furnace.

– Relays are switches in the system that controls the gas flow and safety devices like the thermocouple and fuel regulator.

– Blower motor. This motor powers the fans that will move the air that has been heated into the air duct system and then moves waste products from the combustion process outside through the flue.

For those homes that have floor furnaces, they do not run on natural gas, instead they use a thermopile generator that generates the DC current that will allow the furnace to talk or communicate with the thermostat. Convection is then used to move the air that has been heated into the living area of your home, so no electricity will be used in this type of furnace.

What Happens When The Power Goes Out

For most homeowners who have a furnace with natural gas, an electrical outage will mean that your furnace will not work. The built in furnace’s safety system does not allow for it to turn one during a power outage. It is not safe to rig up the furnace for heating, since it can compromise your health and safety. If you are concerned about the possibility of an electrical outage, should talk to an HVAC company and have your furnace connected to a generator that will power the furnace’s electrical components.

Do This When A Power Outage Occurs

If you have experienced a power outage, switch off the power to your furnace. When the power has been restored to your home, the electrical grid can still experience some power fluctuations that tend to damage some electrical components of furnaces. Other sensitive electronics should also be unplugged too. Leave at least one light on so you will know when the power has been restored. Once the electricity is on, then it is safe to turn on the furnace on again.

This is the best time to prepare for the winter weather that may affect your area and the furnace in your home. For more information about how to prepare your home’s heating system for the winter season, contact one of our specialist’s today. Call Heating Cooling Chapel Hill today for more information.

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