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Consider a Heat Pump This Time Around


After years with an old furnace laboring to keep you and your family cozy and warm in your home, you have decided it is time to replace that old furnace with a new heating system. Maybe you are going to move into a new home and you do not want to use a boiler or furnace like you might have had in your old home.

There is also a third option that you need to know about. A heat pump is a HVAC unit that transfers heat inside and outside of your home and around your rooms instead of making it by burning a fuel. A heat pump is more environmentally friendly and efficient then old alternatives like furnaces and boilers.

Heat pumps are Air Conditioners and Heaters

One main reason you should think of having a heat pump installed in your home is that the unit will be able to perform two jobs, one as an air conditioner and the other as a heater. Heat pumps use the air inside and outside as a way to move the warmth to other areas of the home. They pull heat from the air and move it to another location through ductwork.

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During the cold winter months, the heat pump will take the heat from outside and move it indoors. Then when the hot weather arrives, you simply change the direction of the heat exchange and the unit will remove the hot air from indoors and move it outside. Now you have two problems solved with only one installation.

Heat pumps Save Money

Heat pumps simply transfer the heat into and out of your home. They actually use a very small amount of energy trying to keep your home warm, as compared to a furnace or boiler. The main reason for this is that the old furnaces and boilers have to burn fuel to create the heat used to warm your home. Heat pumps do not have to create heat at all. Instead, they move the heat around.

There is one downside to the heat pump. When the temperatures outside get very cold, they will sometimes need supplementary heat in order to keep you home warm. For this reason, a lot of heat pumps also have electric resistance coils just for these situations.

TIP! Look for deals or rebates on the HVAC system you have just had installed. Most ENERGY STAR units come with rebates from your local utility company or the government itself.

As much as we support the heat pump as a cost effective way to heat your home, we also understand that heat pumps may not work for every home. Your home has its own unique heating requirement. The only way to know for sure is to ask a HVAC professional, like the ones at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill, who have the skill needed to determine what type of heating system will best serve your house.

If you come to a conclusion after reading this article that you do want heat pump installation, call Heating Cooling Chapel Hill. We can handle the job. We have many years of experience with installation of heat pumps and can handle all your HVAC needs.

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