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Heating Repairs Can Be Compounded In The Winter


heating repairs

The winter often compounds any heating repairs that need to be done especially when it drops in North Carolina. No matter how nice and comfortable a home is all of them need a dependable heating system to stay warm and comfortable. Heaters that are well maintained are a necessary component for a nice and comfortable home. This is most apparent in the fall and winter months. Though the heating system has always worked to its potential there are emergencies. When the temperatures fluctuate from high to below freezing it does not help this situation either.

Ignition problems

There can be a pilot light that ignites the gas on you heating system that can develop problems. This pilot light will help to put out the heat that your furnace uses to put out. A thermo-couple is what it is usually connected to. The thermo-couple regulates the flow of gas and cuts off the gas whenever the gas pilot light goes out. Time plays a factor in the use of the pilot light, it can become dirty and keeping the heating system from lighting. This is where the thermo-couple could then malfunction. Now you are where it could shut down the furnace. Now you add any electrical problems that may be present, the pilot may not light at all. This problem could easily be fixed by calling

Motor problems

Most furnaces contain blower fan units that help to move the hot air through the air ducts in your home. You motor can become overloaded or suffer from mechanical problems, the air cannot move through the system. Most heating systems are used continuously during the winter months; with this continued usage you will have an increase chance of blower motor overload.

TIP!Air filters are a very important piece of the heating system; it filters the air and helps the system run cleaner. Without the filter in place the system can become clogged with dirt and dust. To have a healthier home, change the filters often.

Air flow problems

Air flow problems can be caused with the fan motor becomes clogged with dust and debris that builds up in the heating system and interferes with warm air flow. The air ducts sometimes become damaged or a leak may form somewhere in the heating system. Any of the before mentioned problems can pull air out of the heating system, that will reduce the flow of air. The changing of the air filters regularly must happen to reduce the risks of decreasing air flow with clogged filter, especially in the winter when you are using the heating system a lot.

Heating Repairs need to be done now or as soon as possible, if you are having any of these heating problems in the fall or winter. Do not hesitate to call a professional for help like: You need to get your heating system running smoothly and keep it going that way. We can handle any of your heating repairs. You need to get your furnace up and running right before it turns your home into an ice box.

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