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Heating Repairs and Winter


heating repairs
Heating repairs can often be compounded in the winter, when the temperatures drop in North Carolina. Even the coziest of homes need a reliable heating system to stay warm and comfortable. The well-maintained heater is a must and it will help you endure the cold temperatures you will experience during the fall and winter seasons. Even the most reliable heating system can experience problems, and winter makes for a particularly tough time to deal with them. A few common heating repairs you might experience in the winter appear below.

Ignition Problems

The pilot light that ignites the gas on your gas heating system can be a problem. This pilot light creates the heat that your furnace puts out. It is usually connected to a thermocouple. The thermocouple regulates the flow of gas and cuts off the gas if the pilot light goes out. Over time, the pilot light can become dirty and keeping your system from lighting. The thermocouple could also malfunction. This could shut off the entire furnace. If there are electrical connection problems, the pilot may not light at all. This problem could easily be fixed by calling

Motor Problems

Typically furnaces contain a blower fan that moves the hot air through the air ducts in your home. When the motor becomes overloaded or suffers from some sort of mechanical problems, the warm air will not move through your system. Heating units see a lot of use during the winter months, and this can increase the chances of a blower motor overload.

TIP! Changing the air filters in your heating system is very important. This will keep the air in your home healthier, and it’s good for your heating system.

Air flow Problems

Including the fan motor, dust and debris builds up in your heating system and interferes with the warm air flow. You might also suffer from damaged air ducts, or a leak somewhere in your heating system. Any of these problems can pull hot air out of your system and further reduce the flow. You must change your air filters regularly to help reduce these risks of low air flow, especially during the winter when you are more likely to use your heating system a lot.

If you are experiencing any of these common heating problems during the fall or winter months, repairs need to be done now. Do not hesitate to call an expert. is here to help you get your heating system running smooth and keep it that way. We can handle any of your heating repair issues and we will get your furnace up and running right before it turns your home into an ice box.

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