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Home Humidifiers

Do you know about humidifiers? Because the temperatures will soon be dropping and I am sure you will notice the change in the comfort level in your home. You will soon feel that your skin is getting drier; you may get a dry nose and throat, maybe some sneezing and chapped lips.

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And of course you will start feeling a bit colder even though you have not changed the temperature on the thermostat. If you have wood floors, musical instruments and wood trim, you might even notice some shrinkage in these items.

Humidity Levels for Humidifiers

Your home is drying out. That is why the changes about are happening. When cold weather starts coming in even if the outdoor humidity stays about 80%, we will heat are homes to between 68 and 72 degrees and the relative humidity in your home will drop below 10%.

The best level for humidity in your home during the late fall and winter time is around 35% and this level can be maintained with the use of a whole house humidifiers. But remember, the air will feel warmer to your skin when you add humidity to it at any given temperature. And if you feel warmer, you will likely turn down the temperature on the thermostat and that will help you save money on your energy bills.

Specific models of humidifiers are better than what was made even last year. Today’s models will use less water, almost 50% less, by producing humidity more efficiently, plus they are also eco-friendly.

Models of Humidifiers

These newer models are also easier to service and are much quieter when they are running.
One thing that may be hard to understand about humidifiers is what percent humidity they should set their new humidistat. You do not want window condensation during the heating season, so it is recommended that the indoor RH (relative humidity) is somewhere around 30 to 50 percent. When it is colder than 15 degrees outside, then the RH should be turned down to 30 percent or the condensation could damage the windows and walls.

There is a control that you can purchase that will adjust your humidifier automatically, depending on the temperature outside. This automatic humidifier control can even be added to older humidifiers. That way, it will take the guess work out of correctly setting the humidity of your home.

Service of a humidifier is easy. You simply change the filter and then they are ready for the next season. If you have any questions about humidifiers, call the professionals at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill today.

To learn more about humidifiers and which one will be the best for you , visit Humidifiers.

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