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How To Hire A Qualified HVAC Professional


One fact to keep in mind is that heating and cooling systems are taken for granted. To lessen energy costs a bit, you should try to increase the energy efficiency of your unit by up to 25 percent. Plus, the quality of the air in your home can also be increased when proper maintenance on your unit is done on a regular basis.

Some contributing factors for decreased efficiency and increased costs include clogged filters; old, leaky ductwork, and dirty fan motors that have not been regularly lubricated. Some of the maintenance required on your heating and cooling systems is simple to do, yet other maintenance will need the experience of a HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) company.

TIP! If you are ready to get an HVAC expert, do some research ahead of time. When you are looking for a company, try to choose one that provides the services want as well as installing the type of HVAC system that you are looking for.

HVAC Company

Not all HVAC companies are the same. Some companies may offer full services, while others will offer full services for an extra charge. Normally, the companies that offer full services for free are up to date on the latest and greatest HVAC technology.

One good sign of a qualified HVAC specialist is a hotline or emergency numbers which you can use to contact them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An HVAC company must have enough technicians to handle these service calls quickly and also have policies on specific liability insurance and workers compensation.

Get a few referrals from your friends or family members. These people could have used one of the companies you are considering in the past. Ask them how the company handled any maintenance the technician did on their HVAC systems improved the overall performance. Ask them how well the technicians worked. Were they on time and clean? Did they clean up after themselves and did they complete the maintenance in a timely manner.

Deciding On An HVAC Company

When you have made your decision on an HVAC company, be sure to line up any service calls before the heating or cooling seasons begins. If you schedule an appointment, it shows the HVAC company you are flexible and you will most likely get the attention you deserve. You need to understand that some delays can occur from time to time as other customer emergencies can happen any time and day.

TIP! You need to remember and be understanding when you schedule an HVAC appointment. Emergencies pop up from time to time and they could even happen at the same time as your scheduled appointment.

Do not be afraid to ask how much their service calls cost. It is normal practice for an HVAC company to charge certain fees for each service they perform, including fees for visiting your home or for giving you an estimate for services that will be performed. Typically these fees are legitimate and small in amount.

An HVAC company has to have a license, so tell them you want to see it when the technician visits your home. Also check to see if the company has any sort of insurance, which should be required in the contract. You can also ask for the insurance company’s name and number if you wish to verify their policy.

The insurance the HVAC company has is necessary and should cover them for any general liability, workers compensation or property damage. Other important details you should ask the company about include their permit for work and any guaranteed for parts and labor.

Finally, if you are pleased with the performance and workmanship of the HVAC company you hired, try to keep a good relationship with the company, so you will not have any problem looking for a new one next time.

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