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HVAC Is Easy To Understand When You Read This Article


The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system in most homes is vital to maintaining a comfortable home environment. You might be here reading this article because you have experienced a few problems with your HVAC system in the past, or you might just be looking for some information on how to correctly maintain your HVAC system. Either way, this article is a great resource on keeping your HVAC systems working great.

When a building contractor gives you a list of references for qualified HVAC repair companies, make sure to use it. Call the companies on the list and ask about the quality of their work, how close they came to their quoted price and whether the work was completed on time.

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You should always look to your neighbors and family to get any recommendations of good HVAC specialists. There is likely someone they know who is knowledgeable and is ready to help get your HVAC system back on track.

Whenever it is possible, try to shade the compressor unit that is on the outside of your house. The air that is in an area that is shaded is typically five to six degrees cooler than the air elsewhere. Your air conditioning unit will work up to ten percent more efficient if it is shaded during the warm or hot summer months.

A good investment for your HVAC system is a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat will likely save you money. You will be able to program it to turn your unit on and off at certain temperatures or times. This will allow you to make sure your air conditioner or heater is not running when it does not need to be. This will save you a ton of money.

Heat Pumps and HVAC

One of the best ways to help cool down a warm room and to warm up a cool room is by installing a heat pump. Heat pumps move air from room to room without needing a separate air conditioner or furnace. If your home faces the sun at certain times of the day, a heat pump can save you a ton of money.

Thermostat and HVAC


During the winter you could wear layers of clothes to save you money on your utility bill. This may not be practical, so install a digital thermostat. A digital thermostat will make your house cooler when you are asleep and warmer just before you get up. You could see significant savings on your next utility bill when it comes in and will not require you to wear layers of clothes.

Heating and HVAC

If you would like to know more about the heating or cooling efficiency of your home, go online and download the ENERGY STAR Guide. This guide will provide you the information to learn more about how you can save money while still keeping their home warm or cool all year round.

Electrical and HVAC

Do you know if your home’s electrical set-up is ready to handle the strain of a new air conditioning unit? Most homes have a 115-volt circuit in place, but some larger and newer air conditioners may need 230-volts. Also, some smaller units may require their own dedicated circuit as well. So find out which circuit you need from a certified electrician. This will make sure your home does not go dark when you try to turn the lights on.

After reading this article, you now have a better understanding of the importance of keeping your HVAC system in the proper working order. Remember the tips here, so you know what to look for. This way there should be no HVAC problems that turn into major disasters.

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