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HVAC Tips and Tricks To Know


If you are experiencing any problems with your home or office heating and air conditioning, it is important to call in a trained and certified HVAC technician. Heating Cooling Chapel Hill serves the Chapel Hill area with quality service. Whether you need a simple preseason checkup or an installation of a new AC unit, heat pump or furnace, Heating Cooling Chapel Hill is your best choice.

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HVAC Tips on Filters

The filters in your HVAC system should be cleaned or replaced at least once every 2 months. If your filter needs washing, do not reinsert it until it is completely dry. If you purchased 90 day filters, they should be checked every month since they are designed to trap more dirt and allergens that other filters and they will fill up quicker. Electrostatic filter designs are your high static pressure systems and most residential systems are not designed to use these types of filters.

Call the technicians at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill if you have any questions on the type of filter you should use in your system.

HVAC Tips on Cleaning

A clean HVAC system means clean air in your home. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning your HVAC system at least once every season. Some maintenance you can handle yourself is clearing any leaves or debris from the outdoor unit, this prevents anything from being drawn into the unit. Check the air filters and clean them if needed.

HVAC Tips on Lawn Care

When you plant flowers or sowing grass, keep everything 2 feet away from the outdoor HVAC system to prevent any grass or flowers from interfering or clogging the system. When you mow your lawn, try to aim the grass clippings away from the outdoor unit as much as you can. If grass clipping do end up against the outdoor unit, hose off as much as you can.

HVAC Tips on Winter

If everyone in your area is anticipating a cold winter, you could invest in a form fitting cover for your outdoor unit. This cover will help protect your system from extreme weather damage. But remember; only the AC unit should be covered. Heat pumps should always remain uncovered.

Programmable thermostats can save you money by keeping your home at a lower temperature while you are out. Upgrade to a digital thermostat, they are designed to make your units run less because the temperature is more accurate than with the old style thermostats.

The professionals at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill are there to help you if at any time you feel that you need help maintaining your HVAC system. Call today from more information.

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