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Important Information About Exhaust Fans and Air Quality


Exhaust fans are needed for better indoor air quality. Think about all the pollution that is created in your home every day. Because of cleaning, cooking, bathing and yes, even breathing can produce moisture and pollution that you want to remove from your house. Some of the biggest pollution generators are the kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

exhaust fans

The fumes and smoke to even grease and dust all add to unsafe air quality in our homes. The perfect way to rid your home of these pollutants is by using exhaust fans. Here is a look at the different types of exhaust fans that are available and the health benefits that they provide.

Types of Exhaust Fans

Ceiling mounted fans are one standard type of exhaust fan that pulls the stale air in your home and then expels it through the roof.

Inline exhaust fans are installed directly on the ceiling of the affected rooms. The inline exhaust fan can be mounted between the duct work about the ceiling. This type of fan makes a lot of sense if there is not much clearance in the room you are trying to ventilate.

Wall mounted exhaust fans are another option. These fans are mounted on an exterior wall of a room and they do not require any duct work.

You can use a combination of different exhaust fans and lights or heaters. You can have a light, a heater or even both included with the exhaust fan. This can be an ideal combination for some situations.

Exterior remote mounted exhaust fans pull the stale air out of the room while also bringing in fresh air.
The kitchen range is another place that needs a good exhaust fan. Kitchen cook tops should always have an exhaust fan to help remove cooking fumes from the kitchen and expel them to the outside of the house.

Benefits of Exhaust Fans

When the exhaust fans are properly installed, they vent many pollutants to the outdoors, but what are the benefits of proper home ventilation?

The decrease in many health problems is one main benefit of proper exhaust fan ventilation. Fewer asthma attacks, less allergy symptoms and other respiratory problems are less common when using an exhaust fan properly. Venting highly allergic pollen outdoors will help keep your family healthy and happy.

Prevention of mold growth is crucial for a healthy family. Excessive moisture can lead to mold growth and that can impact you and your family’s health and excessive mold growth can even damage your home’s stability. Proper ventilation with an exhaust fan will dry up moisture and help prevent mold growth.

Protect your home from the damaging moisture, because it can warp or even rot wood furniture and drywall. The paint on the walls in your bathroom could start peeling away if you do not vent the room correctly when you take a shower.

Enjoy a fresher smell in your home. Remove the smoke, fumes and mold that can make your home have an unpleasant smell. You will enjoy coming home to this fresh scent and you will not be introducing harmful chemicals to you or your family.


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