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Indoor Air Quality Explained

Do you have allergies or do you know someone who has allergies or other respiratory problems? Are you or someone in your family always getting a cold or virus? Washing your hands will only help so much. The real reason you are getting sick may not be from what you are touching, but what you are breathing instead. Your indoor air quality may need to be checked as soon as possible.

indoor air quality

With many energy efficient improvements in the past few years, less of the air in our homes enter or leave. That means that there are a lot of allergens, bacteria, germs, molds and viruses that have been trapped indoors where most of us spend a lot of our time. According to the EPA, “indoor levels of pollutants may now be up to 100 times higher than outdoor levels.” While most of us will drink nearly 2 liters of purified water a day, we can breathe up to 20,000 liters of air a day that is unpurified. We should be treating our air like we are treating our water.

A Filter is Not a Good Air Purifier

Most of us use air filters in our homes HVAC system to help remove some of the harmful particulates from the air. Many chemical and biological contaminants like bacteria, cooking, allergens, mold, viruses, and cigarette smoke are airborne pollutants that are so small they can pass through the best filters.

Ultraviolet Technology

The sun is what delivers ultraviolet wavelengths to the earth and destroys and deactivates biological and chemical contaminants the have been introduced into the air. Our indoor air quality products can bring the same natural processes into your home and help to destroy the contaminants that are circulating throughout your entire home.

Testing Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

Each of our homes is unique in the indoor air quality that is needed. Not all homes will have poor indoor air quality. The professionals at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill will come to your home and test specific areas to determine the volume of contaminants that are in your home. With this information, the technician will make a recommendation for you, your home, family and budget.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

The professionals at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill are ready to help you test and fix the indoor air quality in your home. The result will be less health issues and sicknesses.

To learn more about what Rheem can do for the indoor air quality of your home, visit Rheem and Indoor Air Quality.

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