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Will Insulation Help Cool Your Home?


You are likely frustrated with how your air conditioning system performed during last summer’s hot days, and then it is time to find a solution before the warm weather arrives this year. Have you considered adding insulation? Even though most homes are insulated, it is important to understand that this amount of insulation is insufficient. The low amount of insulation can lead to problems with your HVAC performance both during the winter and summer months.

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TIP! Look online for deals and rebates on the HVAC system you are have installed. Most ENERGY STAR units come with rebates from your local utility company or the government itself.

Insulation Affecting Comfort

The ceilings and walls in your home are insulated to prevent the loss of energy. The blanketing effect of insulation slows the heat exchange and keeps temperatures in your home more stable. It is easy to understand this idea when you think about heating and how similar it is to using a blanket to keep yourself warm. The insulation also serves to help keep the heat out during summer months, and it enables your indoor surroundings to stay cooler for longer periods of time. You will still need to use your cooling system to help control indoor temperatures.

Do I Need More Insulation?

Knowing exactly how much insulating material you have and whether you could use more is difficult to understand. Insulation is placed in the walls and ceilings while the home is under construction. Upgrading the isolation in these areas can become a major renovation project. But, a lot of homes have an attic space that may be lacking enough insulation. This is probably the best place to add to your home’s efficiency levels. If your home does not seem to stay cool enough when your air conditioner is being used, then it is time to upgrade the insulation and improve your homes comfort levels and reduce energy costs.

Heating and Cooling and Insulation

If you are constantly dealing with high bills or poor comfort levels when your heating and air conditioning equipment is being used, then Heating Cooling Chapel Hill can evaluate your system to pinpoint any specific issues that are affecting your system.

We can check for any leaks throughout your entire HVAC system. Then we can inspect the inside and outside unit’s cracks or broken components. We will evaluate the duct work for your heating and cooling system to assess any low performance issues.

TIP! Remember to clean the coils of your condenser fan every month. Always turn the power off to the unit before you clean the coils and fan blades.

With specific information on the size of your home and the current size of your heating and cooling system, we will be able to work together to create a new plan for improving your homes comfort and reduction in energy bills.

In a lot of cases, additional insulation can make the difference in the size of your power bill to the comfort of your home. Your clogged or dirty ducts can account for almost half of your heating and air conditioning expenses, so it is important to make sure that they are sealed and insulated properly. Also, older equipment can become less efficient from overuse and improper maintenance.

So, if you are ready to have the technicians at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill give your HVAC system a complete inspection, call today for more information.

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