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Picking the Best Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Company


Choosing the best commercial air conditioning repair company can be extremely hard if you do not know what to ask them. If you learn what to ask a commercial air conditioning repair company, you could save yourself and your business a lot of money every year. First you should think about how many air conditioning units you have and how often you will be repairing them. Any question you ask is a good question so ask away. So, start by asking some of the following questions:

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Asking Questions About Air Conditioning Repair

A lot of maintenance coordinators and engineers fail to notice what a previous air conditioning repair company has done for the first few years. So, they are not able to accurately give you an amount that was spent on maintenance of the existing air conditioning units. A new person that is placed in charge of a commercial company finds out that the previous job holder knew little about air conditioning maintenance and repair. So, the new employee has to ask the right questions in order to get the proper maintenance for their air conditioning systems.

What Questions To Ask

The number one question to ask an air conditioning contractor is “Can I get a better repair rate?” This is probably the most important question to a maintenance engineer of a company. Asking this question could save you perhaps hundreds off you bill each year. Ask them what payment options they have too.

Most air conditioning repair companies will offer your company the most expensive solution they have available. If you ask for other options, the technician will then have to give you some more economical prices and solutions. Always ask them to give you a repair quote in writing and do not lose that quote.

Pricing For Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Remember to get a flat rate price that can save you time and money on repairs. Flat rat pricing for commercial air conditioning repairs is what a lot of maintenance engineers should ask for. A flat rate price is just one price for the repair that is to be done. The current standard is for hourly billing. The flat rate pricing will give you a guarantee of a quick and economical repair.

The flat rate pricing will also require the maintenance engineer to resolve the air conditioning problem as quickly as possible. This type of pricing gives you some peace of mind knowing what the bill is going to be after all repairs are done.

Qualified Air Conditioning Repair Technician

There are numerous websites that claim to be the best commercial air conditioning company available. However, some companies do not specialize in commercial air conditioning. Look for the right technicians for your specific system. Ask questions about the qualifications of the technician to make sure he is the best for the job. Make sure the technician has worked on your brand of air conditioning system.

Also ask if the qualified technician has a rough idea of what may be wrong with your air conditioning system. Remember, that you are in charge, so ask any question that comes to mind. A confident technician will be able to tell you his education, experience and certification with pride. He will also be able to tell you with some confidence about his guess as to what is wrong with your air conditioning system.

Develop a Relationship That Lasts

Develop a business relationship with the chosen air conditioning repair company. This relationship will last if you want to save your company’s money. If this company repaired all your problems with little trouble and not a lot of time, keep them. Remember, the professionals at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill are qualified to repair residential as well as commercial air conditioning issues. So, do not wait, call them today.

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