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Some jobs can be difficult and intimidating, and others are the “no problem” type tasks. Clogged drains are common in the kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom sink and tub are always getting clogged with hair from washing your hair in either the sink or shower. Do not use chemicals in the tub drains as it will destroy the pipes and then you have a bigger problem. Try using a plumber’s helper or a snake you can put down the pipe and pull the clog out. After you have completed the unclogging, try to find a strainer type catcher to place in the drains to catch the hair and then it can be thrown in the trash and not clog the pipes.


Now when we go to the kitchen, we have a totally different problem. Usually when we finish cooking we have cooking oil left over to discard. It needs to be put in a container and put in the trash and not down the drain. Most people think that if your run hot water after pouring it down the drain, it will wash away. But this is a myth and it does collect and add to a clog with bits of old food, and msc. Stuff the clog builds and then no water moving down at all. So what do we do, a couple of things we can try, use the snake and grab what we can to unclog the pipe or if it is really bad, we can take the pipe section out and replace it to get rid of the clog.


Now if you have a toilet that is not flushing properly, see if you can figure out what is causing it? If you can’t figure it out, calling the plumber is not a sign of defeat, but a realization that you can’t do everything and you know your limits. This is good. But whether you do it yourself or have a plumber come in, the most important thing to do before your begin the project—Turn off the water at the main valve.
Remember that dishwashers and washing machines have hoses; you need to keep an eye on them for leaks. They can create a big problem if they start leaking. Put this on you checklist to check on a regular base to avoid leaking hoses.

When the cold weather sets in, you need to absolutely cover the pipes provide some type of heat source, if necessary, and keep them from freezing. If they freeze you will have a problem on your hands, this is a big job to unfreeze, again if it is too much for you, do not feel bad about calling in the plumbers to help.


The final job for plumbing is remodeling the bathroom. An easy do-it –yourself type is to paint the bathroom a nice bright color, and then add new hardware to the fixtures in the bathroom. But if you want to go whole hog, tear it all out and replace the tub, the sink, and toilet and use the new glass tile and fix any of the sheetrock walls and make it all water proof , now you need a contractor, a plumber, possible electrician and a contract and a bid on cost. This project might be more than you can handle.

As you can see, it is really up to you in maintaining your plumbing system. So don’t give it any thought, just do what you feel is right and the home improvement project will turn out great no matter who does it.

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