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Cooling Coils

Rheem Cooling Coils

Cooling Coils Features

Rheem Coils are designed for use with a RHEEM outdoor unit as part of a matched and balanced system. They feature a unique and patented design for long, dependable service.

Available in upflow, downflow, and horizontal configurations, and with capacities ranging from 18,000 to 60,000 BTUH (5.27 to 17.58 kW), they can be easily converted to any other airflow configuration. MultiFlex coils are ARI-certified for system application with a wide variety of RHEEM outdoor units and feature high-grade, heat-resistant, corrosion-free polymer material for the condensate drain pan.

So how does a cooling coil work. Well it goes like this (very simplified version), the coil is used to get the most surface of cooling in one restricted spot. The more surface or length of coil allows for more heat to dissipate. The cooling coil is used to control the amount of heat lost. As the liquid in the coils moves through the coils, heat exchange occurs. The heat is lost and the cooling occurs. The amount of heat that will be lost is based on the length of the cooling coil; so you want longer surface area to promote heat loss. So the coiling of the pipes in a confined space is the answer. The coiled design allows for a long surface for increased heat loss in a confined space.

The pressurized system–the liquid in the pipes is driven through the system by a change in density between cold and hot liquids by circulation of the liquid through the coils and it is kept as a steady even flow. While the temperature never really is stabilized–heat enters one end–and then the heat is lost–and the cool air leaves the other end.

Condensate Drain

Condensate drains are an important part of an air conditioning system and are often overlooked. Regular inspection and cleaning of the drain line to make sure it is not blocked will help keep your system running smoothly. Vacuum out the condensate drain line with a wet-dry vacuum to help keep it running freely. Attach the vacuum to the exterior end of the condensate line. Regular maintenance extends the life of your air conditioning system and helps it run as efficiently as possible.

The Importance of Matched Systems. Matched system components are crucial for efficient and dependable system operation. Insist on a RHEEM coil to ensure you are getting the efficiency you are paying for.

Cooling Coils Specifications

  • Cased and Uncased MulitFlex® Coil
  • R-410A
  • HP applications


Conditional Parts Warranty – Equal to the Limited Parts Warranty of the Outdoor Model (Rheem Matched Systems)

Limited Parts Warranty – 5 Years