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Hepa Air Filter

Hepa Air Filter

Hepa Air


Experience cleaner air and comfort with the Rheem Whole-House HEPA Air Filter Cleaner. When you want to improve your indoor air quality, ask for a Rheem HEPA unit – specially designed to work with your Rheem central heating and cooling system. Using HEPA technology, a filter that is highly effective, the Rheem Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner captures up to 99.97%* of micron particles passing through it. You will experience pure comfort at home with a Whole-House HEPA from


Standard one-inch filters trap less than 1% of those invisible particles, allowing them to re-circulate in your home. The Rheem Whole-House HEPA filter captures 99.97%* of airborne particles – including pet dander, bacteria, pollens and other allergens.

  • HEPA Cleaning Power– Captures up to 99.97% of particles at .3 microns that pass through the filter, including cat dander, certain bacteria and pollens.
  • Advanced 3-Stage Filtration – Activated carbon, pre-filter and HEPA filter to deliver cleaner air throughout your entire home by reducing odors and capturing pollutants.
  • Low Maintenance – Indicator light prompts for periodic filter replacement.
  • Quiet Operation – High performance with low sound levels through advanced technology.
  • Rheem Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner
    Part Number Description
    RXIC-A01A Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaner-360 CFM

    • Rheem Whole-House HEPA Air Cleaners
    • HEPA Technology: Captures Up to 99.97% of Micron Particles
    • Advanced 3-Stage Filtration
    • Maintenance Indicator Light

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    Parts Warranty: 5 Years