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Readying Your Air Conditioning System For A Hot Summer



Keep yourself comfortable this year by helping the unit run more efficiently by giving the air conditioning unit a once over to before the weather gets hot. Just a few easy stepsto make the air conditioning system is running smoothly and efficiently to properly cool your home and make you comfortable.

Here are some tips from the U.S. Department of Energy:

It is extremely important to keep the cool air from escaping outside and just as important is not to let the hot air inside. Do leak control by using caulking, weather stripping and attic insulation during the summer as well as during the winter. Check all the vents to make sure there is nothing blocking the air flow. To do a good job, it would be nice to look at all the duct work for holes and separated joints. If you have duct work that needs repair or replacement, it would be wise to hire a professional to fix it. .

TIP!Air conditioning units will last a long time and run good if they are serviced and given a tune-up on a regularly scheduled yearly bases. Make yourself a promise to do this and the reward will be less costly energy bills and more money in your pocket.

Insulating Your Air Conditioning System

It appears that sometimes it is beneficial to add insulation around the air conditioning ducts especially when they are in unconditioned spaces like your attic or garage. You should evaluate the fans that are used for the whole house that open to the outside or attic and take appropriate action as needed. .

TIP! There are some home repairs that you should not try to do yourself: electrical, plumbing work, and especially air conditioning. Some things seem easy but can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. Hiring a professional to do the job and make sure they have the right licenses for your state to do the job.

Do you know what SEER is? It is seasonal energy efficiency ratio. All units have a SEER rating on the air conditioning system. When the SEER rating is high, the efficiency of the unit is higher and the more efficient the unit will run and you will ultimately save money on the energy bill. If you upgrade to a higher SEER rating you will save hundreds of dollars a year in the cost of energy.

SEER rating and Refrigerant for Air Conditioning System

The U.S. Department of Energy legislation after 1-23-2006 requires that all air conditioning units made after this date have a rating above SEER 13. So if your unit is to be replaced it will be replaced with a more efficient unit. Consumers should consider the most energy-efficient unit they can afford.

Most new models of air conditioners use environmentally friendly refrigerant and have a highly-efficient scroll compressors that enhances reliability and contributes to a more quiet operation of the units.

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