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Three Reasons to Have Your Air Conditioner Checked


If you have not had the AC system in your home tuned up lately, you may want to rethink that decision. Today most manufacturers of heating and cooling equipment recommend annual maintenance. Here are a few reasons to have an annual tune up of your AC system.

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Extend the Life of Your AC System

A new AC system is not a small purchase for many homeowners. Having annual maintenance done on your heat pump or AC system can extend the life expectancy of your AC system by many years. Just like any other mechanical machine that has moving parts, an air conditioners parts need to be cleaned, greased, repaired, tested, balanced if necessary, recalibrated, and more. One enemy of an air conditioner is dirt. Dirt in your AC system can cause the unit to not run smoothly. So, a tune-up will make your AC unit run smoother and more efficient.

AC System Tune Up and Utility Bills

An efficient AC unit is a clean AC unit. All the parts of your AC system working at peak efficiency will save you money and extend the life of your AC system. If your AC system has to work for a long period of time to get to the temperature that the thermostat demands, it will use quite a bit more energy. But by keeping up a regular maintenance plan, your AC system will run as efficient as possible and you will see a substantial savings on your utility bills.

Avoid Breakdowns on Your AC System

No one likes to have to suffer through the humid and hot temperatures in the heat of summer, but that is what happens when your AC system breaks down unexpectedly. It is also a hassle for you to miss work while waiting for the repairman to arrive. While a tune-up cannot guarantee that your AC unit will not break down, it will reduce the possibility of a total breakdown greatly.

Take a minute to think about your monthly utility bills. Now remember that nearly half of the energy that is used in your home goes to heating and cooling. The annual energy savings you can save from a yearly tune up makes it worthwhile from a budget standpoint. And that is before you consider some other advantages.

So, now that you have read the main reasons to get a tune up of your AC unit, why not schedule one today with Heating Cooling Chapel Hill. The experts are ready to get your AC unit into tip top shape before the hot temperatures of summer get here. So, call today.

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