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Reduce Your Air Conditioning Dependence And Save


One way to get more returns from your home remodeling is to lower the need for air conditioning. You will see a quick return in lower energy costs without having to sacrifice any comfort. Heat will always seek cooler temperatures and anything that you try to do to slow it down will cut into your cooling

air conditioning

Below are some energy savings tips. These energy saving tips may provide you with economical ways to keep your home cooler during the heat of the summer months.

Energy Saving Tips

1. Check insulation levels in your attic. The U.S. Department of Energy says that the insulation levels in your attic should be between 16 and 20 inches deep with fiberglass insulation or with a blown-in type of insulation for the greatest protection against thermal transfer. Insulation is probably the most effective way to keep your home comfortable not only in the summer, but all year round.

2. Have any leaks around exterior doors, around windows or locations where pipes and wires enter your home sealed. If you see any gaps around your chimney or flues, have a qualified technician install metal flashing to help close the leak. Even small leaks should be sealed with weather proof caulk and larger gaps can be sealed with special expanding foam. Adding fresh weather stripping to entry doors will help stop leaks.

3. Reduce the dependency on air conditioning by installing a ceiling fan in areas that you use frequently. The moving air from the ceiling fan will make the room feel a few degrees cooler that air that is not being moved around.

More Energy Saving Tips

4. Have an electrician install an electric programmable thermostat. These thermostats are more accurate and can take the guess work out of remembering to turn the thermostat up when you leave for work.

5. Shade your windows with thermal backed drapes or with solar reflective film. Drapes and reflective film will work year round to help reduce thermal losses indoors.

By making your air conditioner more efficient by changing the air filter when it is dirty and by using a few of the tips above, you will start to see a reduction in your energy bills almost immediately. You will soon notice that your home will cool off faster and the time your air conditioning unit runs will be shortened.

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