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Does the Size of Your Heater Influence Its Performance


When you talk with a heating technician about installing a new heating unit, you might hear about “sizing” the new heater. This means making sure that the new heating unit matches your home’s heating needs. This sizing goes farther than simply estimating your home’s square footage.


This sounds like it does not matter that much. In fact, it does. If you understand that when a heater is too small there will be problems. But what is wrong if your heating unit is too big? Will it not keep you warmer, and need to run less?

TIP! If you have to hire someone to help you out with your heating system, make sure you learn about all of the requirements your state has. You have to be able to ask anyone you are considering hiring if they meet these requirements before you hire them.

The proper sizing for your heating unit is important because of its performance, and a unit that is “too large” is as problematic as a unit that is “too small”. We will explain what happens to the heating unit in each case. You need to make sure that when you have new heating installation done, you should avoid either mistake. If you call up the professionals at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill and let our years of experience provide you with a great heater installation.

The heater is too small = result is insufficient heat

A heater that is too small will not get you warm enough. That is obvious. A small heater can also be expensive to run, something you probably do not want. The problem is when the undersized heater runs continually trying to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. The unit will fail to reach the set temperature. So you will have an unevenly heated home, and your energy bills that are far higher than you expect.

The heater is too large = result is short cycling

The issue with a heating unit that is oversized is that it will “short cycle”. This is what happens when the heating unit reaches the temperature set on the thermostat too soon and then shuts off before completing the heating cycle. If the heater is too large it will shut off and on numerous occasions. This will drain energy, because start-up requires the most power. It will also age your heating unit quicker than usual, leading to early repairs and eventually early replacement.

Having to replace a heating unit that was not correctly sized at first is time-consuming and can be costly. Start out on the right foot with your new heating system and have professionals involved from the beginning. Heating Cooling Chapel Hill will make sure you get the right heater for your home, and we will install it so you will have many years of trouble-free operation and comfort.

To calculate the size of your house in regards to the projected heater size visit Heater Size Calculator.

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