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Spring Is The Best Time for An HVAC Checkup


Maintaining your heat pump is necessary to keep it performing optimally. With Chapel Hill’s wacky weather in early spring, chances are you are running your heat pump all the time. That steady need for a heat pump makes proper maintenance crucial, but it also makes it hard to find the time.

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In this early spring weather, the filters could get clogged; the fan could become rusty and stop moving. There are tons of things that could happen! By scheduling to have a certified technician examine your heating and cooling system, you can make sure everything is working properly. Fall, before the heating season, is another good time for routine maintenance.

Maintenance Steps You Can Do Yourself Include

Checking the filter — once a month, remove your HVAC air filter and hold it up to the light. If you cannot see enough light coming through it, insert a clean filter.

Cleaning the outdoor coils — with a garden hose, you will want to lightly spray water through the fins of your outdoor unit, working from top to bottom. Then with a soft brush, remove any debris still on the blades.

TIP! Get your maintenance agreement with an HVAC contractor in writing.

Cleaning your air delivery system — Remove your registers and grilles, and wipe them down to remove dust growth. You may also want to vacuum the inside of the ducts.

Correctly maintaining your heat pump may require help from a licensed professional. So every spring or fall, contact an HVAC technician, like the ones at Heating Cooling Chapel Hill, to perform any maintenance.

Checking the refrigerant level — An HVAC service technician can ensure your system has the correct refrigerant charge for a productive transaction. Your technician will also scan the system for refrigerant leaks.

TIP! A programmable thermostat can help you out when it comes to your power bills. A programmable thermostat is going to save you near ten percent on the heating and cooling costs you pay when per year.

More Maintenance Tips

Inspecting the components — To improve your heat pump’s overall efficiency and reduce the risk of major defects, your HVAC technician will inspect the electrical terminals, clean and lubricate the motor, and tighten or replace the motor’s fan belt. The technician will most likely test the thermostat for correct operation and calibration.

Examining the ductwork — a technician may use diagnostic equipment to test your system for optimal airflow and determine if there are any air leaks that could reduce the system’s efficiency.

For tips on maintaining your heat pump or to schedule an inspection, contact Heating Cooling Chapel Hill today. We have been helping homeowners in the Chapel Hill area for many years. You can count on us!!

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