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Testimonials–What people think!


I was so pleased with Bill Stone and his crew. They quickly diagnosed the problem with my old system and had a new one installed in record time. Bill was very kind and explained the different systems available and recommended the best one for my particular needs. I am pleased to act as a referral on behalf of Stone Services, Inc.  Greta B.
Pittsboro, NC

Thanks for excellent work installing my new heating and air system. Your services were highly recommended by one of my colleagues and I will do likewise should the situation arise. I appreciate the professionalism by you and your staff. I was provided with ample information and all of my questions were answered so that I was able to make an appropriate purchase decision for my situation. The installation crew did very nice work. They took pains to not only do the job right but they also did the little things, covering all the details, to make the installation look right as well.
Gary T.
Durham, NC

Thank you, as always, for your fast response, excellent work and wonderful customer service! Annie B.
Durham, NC

Thank you so much for your service. I never thought I could get a unit so quickly with such efficiency. You and your crew were so nice too. I can highly recommend you to anyone. Thanks again. Helen C.
Raleigh, NC


These testimonials speak for themselves. This company has done their homework. Your crew is knowledgeable and professional. They provide a much needed service with a smile and in a non-threating manner so that the customers are not upset with all the camotion going on in their home. The Service Representative and Mr Stone, yourself, make sure that the customer/client is fully informed with all the information on the systems that they could install for their property. It is only good business to help the customer pick the right equipment because honest business tactics will only bring more business in referals. The key to successful business is the employees themselves. They are true ambassadors for the company when you get such warm compliments that they have done so much for the customer and represented your business so highly.

Thank You

Your response time, especially in an emergency is remarkable. The crew and yourself are genuine and it is no wonder that you have a top notch business. Most customers have verbalized that they would recommend you to their friends. This only comes from genuine and honest feeling to make sure the customer is taken care of right and making them feel like they are part of the family. People that have conveyed their than you to you for all you have done and your crew will always be a moral builder for your crew. Since they work so hard for the business and the customer it is apparent to all that this is where all he thank you‘w are coming from.